How To Make Beaded Bracelets At Home

Posted By: Laura on May 03, 2013 in Learn To Make Jewelry

People, who want to earn money easily can try making beaded jewelry at home. This is not a task that is impossible or that takes more time. You can enjoy making beaded jewelry and can also put in your innovative ideas and creativity to make them look trendy and stylish. Here are ideas to help you on how to make beaded bracelets. For making cluster bracelet, you need a sterling chain of 7 or 8 inches. Other materials are the beads of various colors in 300 numbers, lobster clasp, headpins, wire cutter, and pliers. Start by attaching the clasp to the chain’s end. Start bringing the head pins to the chain. Use the pliers and bend the head pin to 90 degree angle. Make a loop using a Plier and turn the wire up. Then trim the excess wire. Keep repeating the process till the bracelet is completed.

When you look for ways to tell you how to make use of beads of wood to make a bracelet, then here goes the step by step instructions. You need unfinished wooden beads of half inches, twine, wire cutters, paint, paint brush, roundhead pliers, and 18 gauge annealed wire. You need to first paint the beads with the desired colors. Let the beads dry. Determine the length of the strip needed. If you want to make sure the bracelet is fit for most of the customers, then make the strip for 8 inches. While cutting, you need to 5 inches. Curl the end of the strip, else the beads would fall off while you insert them in the strip. Start stringing the desired number of beads and then cut off the remaining portion of the wire. If you want to know to how to make beads bracelet look more attractive, add wooden beads of different colors.

For beginners, the easy way to make the beaded bracelets is as follows. Take a yarn or string of the required measurement. When you cut the string or yarn, the extra of 1.5 inches in the ended and the extra of 1 inch in the beginning should be included. Make a knot so that the beads do not escape. If needed, also put in extra knots. Start stringing the beads and start pulling. Repeat this till you reach the last 1 inch. The beaded bracelet is ready to wear or sell. You can try this with any type of bead and any color and shape.

Few basics are important when you want to fashion beaded bracelets. You need to make use of a bead board. This can save much time and extremely useful when you have loads of orders to complete. Delivering on time is a great quality you need to follow when you sell jewelry. These boards are marked to denote each inch. Selecting beads is easier with these bead boards. You can use bead boards for making all sorts of beaded jewelry. Get yourself specialized with a finishing type and let this be your touch.

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