How To Make Leather Bracelets

Posted By: Laura on May 03, 2013 in Learn To Make Jewelry

Leather bracelets offer the look of a macho. It is the vogue of the recent years. Leather cuff bracelets are preferred for a manly look. You can choose between the single and the double wrap bracelets. The single wraps wrap around the wrist once and the double wrap is wrapped around multiple times. You can also make the leather bracelets that can be wrapped thrice. Yes, you can make them yourself. You need not make them for using it yourself, you can also make and sell them. If you are skeptic, then you can try it on a small scale initially. You can find many sites telling you how to make these bracelets easily. You can make leather bracelets for men and women as well.

You can also learn how to make leather bracelets of various designs and fashions from the internet. The braided leather bracelet can also be made at home. You will need the following materials to make this, 3 strips of leather, 3 pieces of wire, cone end attachments, glue, clasp, scissors, pliers and jump rings. First determine the size and shape. Then you need to cut the leather and wire accordingly, to suit the dimensions. The size of the leather pieces should be between 12 and 14 inches. From an inch before the end, tie a knot. Put a wire in the know and pull. This tightens the leather strips. Add a little glue to the knot. Make a circle by wrapping the wire around the knot. Twist to tighten the circle. This should not be done too long with the leather strips. If you overindulge, this may lead to discoloration of the leather strips. Then thread the cone with the wire and then you need to slide the cone so as to make it sure it is at the top of the knot. Then make a loop at the end.

Start with braiding as the next step. With the three steps braid as you do with the hair. To make the process easier, tie the leather strips to the tables or chairs and anything that is strong and cannot come off while you braid the leather strips tightly. This is should be done faster and the braiding should be tight. Repeat the process to braid the whole leather strips. Once the strips are braided, tie a knot. The knot should be loose and placed at the end. Complete the end by following the steps mentioned here.

Secure the braid and the knot using a wire. Use the glue and repeat the process you had done at the start. Trim the ends and also make sure that wire is made into tight circle to tighten the loop. Fix a clasp to the loop. The clasp is used to bring the two ends together.  If you have a loop connected, connecting the clasp becomes easy. Sometimes, you need to use jump rings to connect the clasp. You can also add beads and make the bracelet more attractive.

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